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Welcome to TLC Health & Weight Loss. We look forward to helping you lose weight and helping you achieve your optimal health.

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What happened to the good ole days when you could eat anything you wanted anytime you wanted and your health was the last of you worries? You have not reached our website by mistake. In fact, you have probably reached the same point in your life where I was not to long ago. You know that place where you dread going to the doctors for you yearly physical because you know you will have to listen to a mini lecture about loosing weight, changing eating habits, and that cuss word called “exercise “.

Well that is where I was at to long ago. The years of eating anything I wanted was beginning to show it signs. I was over weight for my height and age. My blood pressure was to the point where I had to be put on blood pressure medicine and all my other levels were through the roof and not in a good way. I was tired all the time, my body ached and I did not have the energy to play with my children.

Then it happened. I remember getting the phone call that my mom had a heart attack and would need a stent to open her 98% clogged artery at the age of 58 years old. I thought to myself, how is that possible? She was not overweight and not that old. This opened my eyes!! I knew I had to do something after all I had a wife and four children that depend on me to be around. This started my journey to lose weight and achieve better health.

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Since beginning my health journey I have been able to lose 40 pounds in just two months (yes two months!!). Not only was I able to get the weight off, I was able to lower my blood pressure, lower all my other levels to a normal range and get my energy back. I had a group of people as well as all the tools I needed to succeed and I would like to pay it forward by helping you to achieve better health and to lose weight in the process.

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Like I said earlier I was able to surround myself with a group of like-minded people and have all the tools I needed to get my health back. Here at TLC Health & Weight Loss it is our goal to provide you will all the resources, tools, and products to help you to regain your health and help you become the best you possible.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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